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GOST construction fittings - wholesale and delivery to Saudi at low prices

Metal supplier
The company "Constant Movement" offers to buy fittings on favorable terms. We sell new rolled metal products in bulk for construction in Saudi. Our catalog contains products of the most demanded steel grades, profiles and diameters. We unquestioningly comply with all agreements, so you will find a reliable supplier in our person.
When implementing projects with high technical characteristics, one cannot do without such material as construction reinforcement. We offer our customers to buy products that have passed the strictest quality control and comply with current standards. This type of rolled metal is produced in the form of rods of various configurations. Its main field of application is the reinforcement of concrete structures. Depending on the diameter, reinforcing bars are supplied in bars of measured or off-gauge length, as well as in coils.

Range of fittings for delivery to Saudi

Armature A1 (A240)
Low alloy steel is used in the production process. The finished product has a smooth profile, and the diameter can vary from 6 to 40 mm. The main advantage of such reinforcing bars is their high corrosion resistance. Products withstand high humidity and temperature extremes well. But there are also disadvantages, which, for example, include poor adhesion to concrete.

Armature A2 (A300)
It is made of specially developed steel, which allows you to obtain a high-quality and durable frame. The diameter can vary - from 10 to 80 mm. The products are actively used in the construction of private houses and high-rise buildings, as well as in the laying of roadways, in the production of reinforced concrete slabs in the factory, in the construction of industrial premises, warehouses and hangars.

Armature A3 (A400)
Its main feature is a periodic profile with longitudinal and transverse stiffeners. Reinforcing bars of this class can have a diameter of 6 to 40 mm. Among the main advantages is reliable adhesion of the reinforcement cage to concrete, which significantly increases the strength of the supporting structure. However, in terms of corrosion resistance, it is slightly inferior to its position, therefore it is not recommended to use it in combination with some types of concrete.

Favorable conditions for the purchase and delivery of fittings to Saudi

Strict adherence to deadlines
We do not disrupt delivery times and deliver orders on time. If you are looking for a reliable supplier to buy fittings in Saudi and nearby countries, you can feel free to contact us on the "contacts" page.
Favorable conditions for wholesale customers
For customers who purchase fittings in bulk, a system of discounts is provided. In addition, an individual pricing system operates for regular customers.
Fast processing of applications
We understand that every day of downtime on a construction site can be expensive, so our customers have the option of ordering urgent delivery. The availability of a large amount of building materials in our warehouses for sale in Iraq allows us to quickly ship and send goods for your needs.

Achievements in sales of building materials in Saudi and worldwide

The company "Constant Movement" carries out the wholesale of reinforcing bars. In our person, clients find not only a responsible supplier, but also a reliable business partner. Cooperation directly with manufacturers of valves allows us to keep prices down. All products presented in the catalog comply with standards and undergo additional incoming control.

The employees of our company are responsible, competent and experienced specialists who are ready to provide all the necessary advisory support. Our team has the necessary knowledge to provide professional assistance at all stages of ordering - from choosing a class of valves to calculating the cost of a batch and delivery.

As the assortment expands, the geography of our clients also increases. Among our regular customers are construction organizations and individuals from Russia, Europe and the UAE. Our responsible approach to work is confirmed by thousands of grateful clients who have become our good friends.