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Rebar is a type of rolled metal and an indispensable element of modern construction for the reinforcement of standard and prestressed reinforced concrete structures. Thanks to her, building objects become more solid and durable. The required quality parameters of the fittings are regulated by the rules of state standards.

The Constant Movement company offers favorable conditions for the purchase of rolled metal in the UAE - reinforcing bars of various shapes and diameters, competitive prices, the ability to deliver anywhere in the world and an individual approach to each customer. We supply high quality fittings in the sizes you need.

What type of reinforcement do we sell and its assortment

The range according to GOST includes flexible and rigid reinforcement. Production material: carbon or low-alloy steel. The average length of the measuring rods is 6-12 meters. According to the established standards, their curvature should not exceed 0.6% of the measured length.

Steel reinforcement is also classified according to the type of profile: smooth and partially corrugated. There are two ways of manufacturing reinforcing bars:
  • hot rolling method (sale in skeins);
  • cold drawing method (sale in rods).

Light reinforcement includes rods with a diameter of up to 12 mm, heavy ones - with a diameter of 12-40 mm and with a large weight. It can be boiled or knitted depending on the desired effect. The advantages of reinforcing bars are:
  • high strength;
  • resistance to corrosion;
  • the ability to withstand significant loads;
  • effective adhesion to concrete;
  • good indicators of weldability;
  • strengthening the strength of different types of structures.

Where reinforcement is used in construction

Fittings, along with other types of rolled metal products, are widely used in construction. Depending on the type of reinforcing bars, it can serve as a means of strengthening the frame of various buildings, purlins and metal structures, or act as a load distributor throughout the structure. Construction fittings are also irreplaceable when laying foundations in residential and commercial buildings. You can buy wholesale fittings at a low price by calling our office or leaving a request for delivery to our e-mail. It is also used for:
  • protection of concrete from cracks near the supports;
  • frame assemblies;
  • protection against longitudinal and oblique cracks;
  • reinforcement of plates.

Reinforcing bars are divided into working and assembly. The first type is mainly used in the construction industry to strengthen concrete, the second is installed for structural and technological reasons. The most widely used steel flexible reinforcement in the form of rods, welded mesh and frames. The material is easy to weld, which enhances its physical properties and makes it more durable.

What are the advantages when buying fittings from us

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