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Current prices for steel (metal) in UAE and in the world

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The world market of rolled metal products is currently in an unstable position. Since our company is located in Dubai, today we will review the current prices for metal in the UAE. However, prices around the world are not much different from prices in Dubai.

Falling prices for steel 2021 and metal products

At the end of May, the price of the metal was highly dependent on China. Where recently the value of the metal fell sharply on the stock exchange. First of all, this happened due to the struggle of the local government with traders of shares and metal on the stock exchange.

The cost fell from $ 234 to $ 190 per ton of iron ore. After that, the growth of prices in the scrap metal sector stopped.

Due to the rapid fall in prices on the stock exchange in China, throughout Asia and Europe, many metal and metal product purchasing companies were forced to temporarily suspend their purchases.

Metal price forecast in 2021

Despite the sharp decline in the current metal prices in the UAE and around the world, this event cannot be called a major collapse. At the end of May, prices for steel and all metal products increased slightly.

Also, high rates of price growth were found in many competitors, for example, coking coal or bulk materials.

However, due to the bad season of weather conditions in China and Asia, there is a high probability that prices for rolled metal products will remain at the same level in 2021.

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