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UAE energy and metallurgists begin project to produce the first "green steel" in the region

Metal supplier
TAQA and Emirates Steel signed an agreement to develop a large-scale green hydrogen steel production project and optimize production.

Environmentally friendly steel production

Abu Dhabi's national energy company, TAQA, has announced a partnership with Emirates Steel, the largest steelmaker in the UAE, to develop a large-scale project for the production of environmentally friendly steel using "green" hydrogen.

The MOU also lays the foundation for expanding the project to meet the expected growth in international demand for low carbon green steel.
Jasim Hussein Tabet, CEO and Managing Director of TAQA Group, noted that finding commercially viable industrial solutions like green steel is key to unlocking the potential of green hydrogen as a new source of clean energy.

Why open a new steel production in the UAE

Emirates Steel is a member of the Global Climate Change Action Program and its products comply with local and global environmental rating systems for buildings.

Green hydrogen will be an important part of TAQA's 2030 growth strategy, which includes increasing its total capacity from 18 GW to 30 GW in the UAE and adding up to 15 GW internationally. This capacity increase will focus on renewables, especially solar PV, which will account for over 30 percent of its generation portfolio by 2030.