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How to order pipe fittings or another armature in Dubai

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Construction reinforcement is steel rods, which are connected during construction into a frame, which contributes to the creation of strength of all elements of the building. This is, most often, an auxiliary structure that helps to distribute loads, increase the bearing capacity of the structure. It is used in the construction of reinforced concrete buildings and foundations.
Reinforcement bars are in great demand in the UAE, because has better contact with concrete. However, the periodic profile is a source of certain stress concentrators and reduces the strength of the steel. Therefore, if adhesion to concrete is not required, a material with a smooth surface is used. The Constant Movement company supplies rods of various diameters: 6 to 40 mm.

Fittings in construction in Dubai

Rod fittings are made of alloy steel. This means that steel is alloyed (alloyed) with silicon and manganese to enhance its strength. Chromium and titanium are sometimes added.
Cold drawn wire reinforcement has a diameter of 3 to 12 mm. It is made of low-carbon steel (ordinary reinforcing wire: class B-I) or carbon steel (high-strength wire of class B-II). Also there are smooth and grooved (class Вр-I or Вр-II). Class B-I wire is used for stress-free reinforcement. Class B-II - for voltage. High-strength wire reinforcement is a quality product, but it is less in demand than steel rods. First, the cost of wire is higher. Secondly, it requires the use of ultra-strong, high quality concrete.

Reasonable price for the purchase of fittings

Each of the types of fittings is best suited for certain conditions and temperatures. Therefore, when choosing, it is better to consult with our specialists, who will help you choose the ideal option for a specific situation.
The prices for the purchase and delivery of fittings in our company differ from other metal trading companies in Dubai. We work directly with Russian factories for the production of metal products, in particular with fittings for the construction of tall houses. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the price list of our company Constant Movement for metal trading in the UAE.

The widest assortment is wholesale building materials in the UAE

Once you make a deal with our company for the supply of metal, you just have to wait a very short time. We are constantly developing our logistics group. Delivery is carried out all over the world.
When ordering building materials (fittings) in Constant Movement, you get a full range of the most pleasant advantages: quality of materials, democratic prices, as well as the professionalism of employees.