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Steel, alloy and aluminum industry in the UAE

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International demand for aluminum and steel is increasing every year, which is taken into account in state programs for the development of the state's steel industry. Steel production in the UAE is carried out by the largest companies in the region. Relatively recently, the productive capacity allowed to produce no more than 150 thousand tons of light metals per year, but today this figure has reached the million mark.

Among the main importers are the Russian Federation, Europe, countries of Asia and South America. It should be noted that aluminum ingots produced in the United Arab Emirates have a high purity (99.8%) and are in great demand among foreign buyers.

Metallurgy in the UAE - opportunities and potential

Based on statistical data, purchasing demand for steel in the UAE remains relatively stable. Thus, according to the authorities, in the next five years the increase in consumer demand for rolled steel will be about 10%. To this end, the state plans to implement a number of projects, including subsidizing production costs in preparation for the EXPO 2020 international exhibition.

In terms of volume, steel production in the UAE, like everything else, is growing rapidly. If in 2014 the steelmaking capacities of the Emirates showed an increase in production of 15%, then by the end of the current year it is expected to increase to 25%. Against the background of the preparation and implementation of the most ambitious international and infrastructure projects, such an increase is natural. Expansion of the metro network and international airports, theme parks and tourist centers all require consumables. Experts predict that by 2018 consumption in the domestic market may amount to about 3.5 million tons of steel and light metals.

Production and delivery of steel in the UAE

Metallurgy in the UAE is represented by large steel mills. The largest of these belongs to Emirates Steel Industries, founded in early 2001. Today it is a high-tech production with the latest equipment and high quality standards. The company's trademark is known all over the world and has already proven its worth.

The aluminum industry deserves special attention. This is a serious item of government revenue, and, accordingly, an important economic sector. The modern facilities of the Emirates for the extraction of light alloy metals are capable of seriously competing in the international market. The United Arab Emirates annually supplies over 10 million tons of aluminum in the form of raw materials and finished products.