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Strengthening structures with rigid rods or mesh, which makes the building more resistant to tension and load bearing, is called reinforcement. For these works in construction, special metal or composite products are used - rods (with a circular cross-section, ribbed with a periodic profile), mesh, wire. They are called reinforcement bars, and fortified places are called armored belts. You can familiarize yourself with all types of fittings in the UAE here.

At what stages of construction is reinforcement applied?

All structures that will carry the weight of building elements, ground movements, wind and shock loads must be properly reinforced. Therefore, the reinforced belt is made at the following stages of construction work:
  • When pouring a strip foundation;
  • When laying a brick base;
  • In the first row of aerated concrete and brickwork above the foundation and basement;
  • In every 4th row of aerated concrete masonry and in every 4th-6th row of brick;
  • If the laying is carried out without bandaging the seams, it is necessary to reinforce the brick wall in every 3rd row;
  • Under window and doorways;
  • In the filler lintel of u-blocks above the window and door openings (or 3 rows of bricks above the doorway);
  • In the last row before installing the Mauerlat;
  • In the wall from KKB;
  • Strengthen the supporting columns;
  • Reinforce the blind area around the house with reinforcement;
  • Reinforce the posts of awnings, entrance groups, fences and gazebos (transverse or vertical reinforcement);
  • And also the foundation for the fence.

How to properly reinforce building structures?

For each stage of construction in the UAE, the appropriate fittings are selected. So, when pouring the foundation, the reinforced belt should be a volumetric lattice so that the load is evenly distributed over the entire volume of the future base. To do this, steel or composite rods are tied with wire and installed in the formwork so that the structure does not reach the future edge of the hardened concrete by about 5-6 cm. Important! The reinforcement must not be connected by welding, because it loses strength.
When reinforcing aerated concrete, special grooves are cut out in the blocks - grooves. They should have a cross-section of no more than 2.5x2.5 cm, and a length of 300 m. The rods of the calculated diameter are laid inside. At the corners, the reinforcement can be bent, and if the length is not enough, the next rod is attached with an overlap. The laid armored belt is poured with glue for aerated concrete and the next row of blocks is installed.
Brickwork can also be reinforced with rods. To enhance the bearing capacity, make vertical reinforcement, and to strengthen the tensile and bending - horizontal. But nevertheless, to create a horizontal armored belt on a brick, a mesh is often used, which is laid between the rows of bricks and fixed with mortar.
For more information about the purchase and delivery of reinforcing building materials, you can find out by writing to us by e-mail or by calling us a working phone number in the contact menu. Choose according to the tasks and budget of the construction!

How to place an order for the delivery of fittings to the UAE

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