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Current steel price in UAE 2021

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The main reason for the rise in prices in the UAE and in the world is as follows: the world market for rolled metal has intensified since autumn. Demand is active in the USA and Europe, China, Turkey, Vietnam, India, and the Middle East.

Thus, internal prices are trying to equalize with external ones. And in some places, due to the hopeless situation of end buyers with a decrease in warehouse stocks, contracts are already signed for February-March. However, in the secondary market, it is not always possible to reach agreements on supplies at high prices.

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World market of metallurgical raw materials: June 10, 2021
Some weakening of prices for steel products on the world market outside the US and EU at the beginning of the second half of June had practically no effect on the cost of metallurgical raw materials. Yes, scrap metal has dropped a little in Turkey, but suppliers expect that in July it will again exceed $ 500 per ton CFR. At the very least, its deficit may increase in the second half of the year, and its prices are unlikely to fall.
Coking coal is generally on the rise in recent weeks. In China, high-quality material for the first time since 2011 reached more than $ 300 per ton due to limited volumes of both domestic production and imports. At the same time, the PRC government, one might say, itself made a significant contribution to the organization of this rise in prices.

Iron ore remains relatively stable, but at a high level. The cost of Australian concentrate supplied to China has not dropped below $ 200 per ton CFR since the beginning of June. True, in the coming months, the demand for this raw material may decrease due to the limitation of pig iron smelting in China, but in order to achieve a significant decrease in prices, it will be necessary, first of all, to expand the volume of supply.