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The catalog contains high-quality steels characterized by a low content of harmful impurities and non-metallic inclusions. Our company in UAE delivers rolled metal with guaranteed chemical composition and mechanical properties at current prices today.

They are marked with numbers indicating the carbon content in hundredths of a percent. Marking St20 contains an average of 0.20% C; St40 - 0.4% C. Calm are labeled without an index, boiling and semi-calm and - with indices kp and ps.

In accordance with GOST 1050-88, high-quality steels are produced and supplied without heat treatment (hot-rolled, forged), heat-treated and cold-worked. High-quality steels have found application in technology, since they have a variety of mechanical and technological properties.

You can also purchase tool steel with a carbon content of 0.7% and above, which is characterized by high hardness and strength. Tool steel is used to make tools.


We offer to buy construction and heat-strengthened reinforcement of classes A1 (A240), A3 (25G2S), A500S f 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 25mm, 28mm, 32mm, 36mm and 40mm, and so the same At-800 at our metal warehouses in different regions of Russia. We have the ability to supply smooth (A1, A240) and periodic profile (A500C, A3) reinforcing bars

GOST fittings А500С and А1 (А240)
All technical characteristics of the fittings are stipulated by the normative documents - GOST. It is made according to GOST 5781-82
Rebar classification
1 A-l (A240);
2 A-ll (A300);
3 A-lll (A400);
4 A-lV (A600);
5 A-V (A800);
6 A-Vl (A1000).
7 A500C fittings are manufactured in accordance with GOST R 52544-2006

1 А-l (А240) -produced without corrugation (smooth) of the usual round cross-section;
2 A-ll (A300); A-lll (A400); A500C and other classes are made with corrugation (for reinforcement).
3 A-ll (A300); A-lV (A600); A-V (A800); А-Vl (А1000) can also be produced without corrugation, but only by agreement with the consumer.
By chemical composition:
1 A-l (A240) - St3kp (ps sp);
2 A-ll (A300) - St5sp (ps), 18G2S;
3 A-3 (A400) - 35GS, 25G2S, 32G2Rps, A400S, A500S;
4 А-lV (А600) - 80С, 20ХГ2Ц;
5 A-V (A800) - 23X2G2T;
6 А-Vl (А1000) - 22Х2Г2АЮ, 22Х2Г2Р, 20Х2Г2СР.
By lenght:
1 coil - with a diameter of 6mm to 12mm inclusive
2 rods - with a diameter of 8mm to 40mm inclusive
Reinforcing steel class
steel grade
St3sp, St3ps
St5sp, St5ps
25G2S, 35GS, 28S, 27GS
10GS2, 08G2S, 25S2R
20GS, 20GS2, 08G2S, 10GS2, 28S, 25G2S, 22S, 35GS, 25S2R, 20GS2
35GS, 25S2R
20GS, 20GS2, 25S2R

Export deliveries of a metal company of fittings from Russia to the UAE.Separately, we want to focus on fittings. In our company you can buy fittings from Russia of various classes:
• A500S fittings - this type of fittings is produced in Russia for the domestic market with a length of 11.7 meters. You can order an export version of the length - 12 meters from us. Some diameters of A500C fittings with a length of 12 meters are presented in our southern warehouses from stock. These are bases in Stavropol, Pyatigorsk, Vladikavkaz and Makhachkala;
• Reinforcement А240С or А1 - this reinforcing bar has a smooth surface and can be supplied both in coils and in bars;
• Reinforcement St 25G2S (A3) - the main area of its use is bridge construction or road construction. You can also buy these fittings from our warehouses for export deliveries;
• Fittings А800 - thermally hardened fittings. The main area of its use is the production of reinforced concrete plates We offer heat-strengthened fittings with diameters from 10 to 16 mm in various lengths

Our metal supplier company is ready to offer you a large list of rolled metal products in the UAE, in particular, I-beams hot-rolled and welded from sheet metal.
Hot-rolled I-beams are purchased by our company directly from manufacturers without the participation of intermediary companies. Therefore, we offer the best prices for a metal beam!
There are regulatory documents confirming the quality of our products. For its production, only high-quality metal from steel 09G2S or St 3 is used.

Our metal warehouses sell I-beams made of steel 3 and 09G2S
• column (20K1 ... 40K1, 40K2, 45K3, etc.);
• wide-shelf (20SH1 ... 60SH4, 50SH2 and others);
• ordinary (20B1 ... 40B1, 50B1, 60B1, 70B1).
A complete list of sizes from 12 to 70 B, W, K. We can produce welded I-beams in accordance with GOST (30K2, 40SH3 .... 70B1, 80B1, 100B1, etc.)

Metal Corners

Hot-rolled metal angle GOST 5809 - 93 (st3 and 09g2s)
Examples of sizes of hot-rolled equal-flange angle: 40x40x4; 45x45x4; 50x50x5; 63x63x5; 75x75x5; 100x100x7
An unequal steel angle in which the size of one shelf is not equal to the second is called unequal. An example of its dimensions 100x63x8. It is produced in accordance with GOST 8510-93
You can buy L-shaped rolled metal from us in sizes from 25x25; 32x32; ... 40x40; 50x50; ... 100x100; 125x125; up to 200x200

Rounded Steel

A large selection of steel discs in the UAE with delivery from Russia at an up-to-date and favorable price
We sell calibrated and hot-rolled wheels from various steel grades:
• Structural;
• Low-alloyed;
• Alloyed;
• Corrosion-proof.
Offered steels - St 3; St20; St35; St45; 20X; 40X; 40XH; 40XH2MA; 09G2S; 12XH3A; 20XH3A; 40XH3A; 20X2H4A; 20X13; 40X13; 18HGT; 25HGT; 30HGSA.
produced according to GOST 535-88
GOST 30136-95 - wire rod assortment.
GOST 380-94 - chem. structure.


Hexagon marking is made according to the diameter of the inscribed circle and can be from 8 to 100 mm for hot rolled and from 3 to 100 mm for calibrated, respectively.

Hot-rolled hexagonal steel is manufactured in accordance with GOST 2879-88

Cold rolled (calibrated)

GOST 8560-78)
regulates all requirements for the cold-worked hexagonal section rolled products.

Heat-treated wire

Heat-treated wire (knitting)
Knitting wire (annealed) is produced in accordance with GOST 2333-80
The main direction of its use is the linking of reinforcing cages and meshes. But this is typical for small diameters such as 1.0 mm; 1.2 mm; 2.0 mm. Large diameters can be used in the production of concrete products or bundles of various goods, for example, reinforcing bars or scrap metal

Sheet Rolling

We offer you to buy the following types of sheet metal at a current price in UAE:
• hot-rolled metal (St3, St20, St 35, St45, 09G2S, 10KhSND, 15KhSND, 30KhGSA, 40Kh, 65G);
• cold-rolled sheet metal (08ps, 08sp, 08yu);
• galvanized sheet metal of various coating classes;
• expanded metal sheet;
• sheet metal with corrugation (rhombus or lentils).

Thin hot-rolled sheet products

• Thickness up to 3.9 mm is regulated by GOST 16523-89
• GOST for assortment GOST 19903-74
• Chem. composition is described by GOST 380

Shipment of this thickness to the customer is carried out in sheets with a cut edge or rolls with a non-cut edge

Thick hot rolled metal sheet:
• For sheet thickness from 4 to 160 mm, GOST 14637-89 is applied
• Its assortment is described by GOST 19903-74
• Chemical composition is stipulated by GOST 380.
Issued to customers in sheets or rolls. Rolls can be made in the range of thicknesses from 4 mm to 12 mm. A plate is called a sheet with a thickness of more than 160mm. Plates are used to make sheets of thinner thickness.

Hot rolled thin and thick sheet products are divided into several categories.
By rental accuracy:
• A - increased accuracy;
• B - normal accuracy.

By the nature of the edge of hot-smoked sheet:
• BUT - not a cut edge;
• О - cut edge.

Flatness of sheet metal:
• PO - especially high flatness;
• PV - high flatness;
• PN - flatness is normal.

Profile pipe

Profile pipes are one of the most demanded types of metal products. It may also be required in ordinary summer cottage construction (fences, sheds, gazebos, etc.), mainly these are dimensions 15x15; 20x20; 25x25; 30x30; 40x20; 50x50; 60x60; 80x80, and on an industrial scale (manufacturing and installation of metal structures, construction of residential and industrial facilities, mechanical engineering, etc.) all sizes of profile pipes can be used here, but the most commonly used ones are 15x15; 20x20; 25x25; 30x30; 40x20; 50x50; 60x60; 60x40; 80x80; 80x40; 90x90; 100x50; 100x100; 120x120; 120x60; 140x140; 160x160; 200x200


Diameters from 10 to 530 mm are produced according to GOST 10705-91, and diameters from 748 to 1420 according to GOST 10706-76. Moreover, their entire assortment must comply with GOST 10704-91

The range of seamless pipes is described by GOST 8732-78 and GOST 8731-78

VGP pipes are made according to GOST 3262-75

Welded Pipe

Main directions in the manufacturing sector:
Line for the production of steel pipes from shells, equipped with modern high-precision equipment, which allows the production of pipes in the range of diameters 630-3020 mm with a wall from 8 mm to 60 mm.
The main consumers of our products are enterprises of the thermal power complex, gas and oil pipeline industry, using pipes as casings for trunk pipelines, as well as in the construction, reconstruction and repair of offshore pipelines, offshore facilities (pipelines on platforms, as well as welded foundations of offshore platforms). Electric-welded steel pipes from shells are used when laying water mains, including for drinking water. Enterprises of the construction, bridge building and road industries use this type of pipes as elements of their structures.

Metal constructions

According to the field of application, metal structures can be divided into mechanical engineering structures and structures of buildings and structures. In mechanical engineering, the term "design" is used relatively rarely, since the norms provide only for the types of products: part, assembly unit, complex and set [~ 1]. At the same time, the terms "designer", "design" are used very often in mechanical engineering.

Typical Applications enclosing elements (fencing) and in the form of finishing details of buildings,
bridges, supports of something, spans, arrows, floor beams, frames for reinforced concrete structures, pile frames,
tower cranes, bridge cranes, which are based on MK,
blast furnace frames
gas tanks,
power line supports,
lightweight metal structures (LMK) - metal structures used for the construction of buildings with large spans,
light steel thin-walled structures (LSTK) - building structures from cold-formed galvanized profiles.

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