Bulk Materials
Loose materials of mineral origin (inorganic), extracted from rocks by various methods and used in almost all areas of the construction industry. The main difference between NSM and minerals is that they do not contain combustible substances and metals in their composition.

The terms and classification of nonmetallic materials are regulated by GOST 25137–82 with amendment No. 1 adopted in 1986. The conditions for the production of crushed stone by the crushing method are described in GOST 8267–93 with changes No. 1–4 and GOST 31424–2010. The production, classification of porous heat-insulating backfill and aggregates for concrete is regulated by GOST 32497–2013 and 32496–2013.
In addition to the main documents, other regulations are used that regulate product testing and analysis, as well as other aspects of production.

Granite crushed stone

Crushed stone production includes two main stages:
Extraction of raw materials for the manufacture of material;
Processing of raw materials.

Crushed granite is mined by blasting rocks, which are pre-cleaned of soil and plants. At this stage, the rock is crushed primarily. Then the material goes to the enterprise, where crushing takes place in several stages. At the primary stage, jaw crushers are usually used, the principle of which is based on crushing the rock between two cheeks - mobile and stationary. At the subsequent stages, rotary, roller-toothed, hammer crushers are used. In the process of sorting, the crushed material is passed through overhead or stationary screens, on which it successively passes through several screens with a certain mesh size. As a result, crushed stone is divided into fractions in accordance with the existing requirements of GOST. The final stage is the delivery of finished products to customers.

Fine fraction - the size of the fraction does not exceed 20 mm. The material is used for crumbling paths, making small concrete products, as a decorative material.
Medium fractional - the size of fractions ranges from 20-40 mm. The material is used in the construction of buildings, the manufacture of concrete products, road works, etc.
Large-fraction - the size of the fraction is more than 40 mm. They are used in the same way as the medium fraction, but only for more massive structures.